Leg and Hip Action

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Uploaded by Rich Greenwood on 12/8/2014
www.RichGreenwoodGolf.com Hi. I’m Rich Greenwood, Director, Instructions here at Tour Golf in Agoura Hills, California. Today I want to talk to you about the leg and hip action and the effect it could have on your golf swing. I get asked all the time, how the pros hit it so far, it doesn't look like they’re really swinging that hard. A lot has to do with the way they allow their body to dominate the down swing and that there legs and hips are the engine of the golf swing. Many amateurs wonder why they don’t hit the ball very far. That has to do with their arms and body are not in sync with their swing. Some of the swings I see that come into Tour Golf. I see a flat footed swing. The guy comes in to restricted finish. The slide which affects plane and the centeredness of contact and then, there is the spin out. Which really definitely effects how your body comes down into impact. A guy actually thinks he uses his legs, he spins his foot out and club comes over the top and hits a drea
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