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AimPoint Private Lesson
AimPoint Private Lesson with Senior Instructor Jeff Shaw

USD $600.00
On-Line Lessons
Now available on my site, you can send me up to 4 swings to be analyzed for an online lesson. I'll send you back a personal video review of your swing showing you correct motions, and showing you the areas where I think you may need a little help. 
USD $35.00
OnLine Lesson Club
Join the "Online Lesson Membership Club" for a low fee and receive a discounted rate on your lessons for the month.
USD $15.00/ Month
Playing Lesson /w Rich
9 hole or 18 hole Playing Lesson with Rich Greenwood.  You will work on course management, situations, uneven lies and the mental game.
USD $250.00
Shot Tracker
My Shot Tracker allows players to record their scores shot by shot. Tracking each shot is a very important component to analyzing and improving your game. With easy online access to the Shot Tracker and the over 120 statistics analyzed, Shot Tracker will help you succeed.
USD $59.99
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