"When I first came to take a lesson with Rich I was a 100 plus stroke golfer if you could call it that.  Rich basically had to break me of all the bad habits that I had and start out fresh as if I never swung a club before.  He taught me that golf is as much of a mental game as it is a physical game which I never realized.  Reading greens, looking at your lie and determining what club to hit, clear your mind and trust your swing, and most of all course management which directly affects your score.  I have a whole new respect for the game because now I actually can play the game.  Whoever thought that I would be a real golfer about to break 80?  Rich did!!"

May 30, 2013
Mike Schmidt -President
Hoodman Company
Hermosa Beach, Ca

"Rich has literally transformed my golf game and has brought me to a level of play which I could not have ever imagined.  He has tremendous patience as well as the ability to teach directly to your skill set level.  Each lesson has been easily understood, logical and is built upon the prior lessons.  Rich understands that each person brings unique challenges and is able to obtain amazing results in a fun and supportive manner.  After each lesson I could hardly wait to get out to the range and practice what we have learned definitely believing that each lesson brought "value added".  Rich successfully took the pressure off from having to deal with all aspects of the game including fundamentals, mental approach and course management.  Rich has my highest recommendation and I am totally confident that he could perform miracles in the development of your game as well."

July 8, 2013
Jeffrey A. Zolonz -Partner
Sacks & Zolonz, LLP
Culver City, California


"I highly recommend Rich Greenwood as a golf instructor.  About two years ago, I sought Rich's help after a lifetime of frustration as a golfer.  I had my bad habits and was never able to achieve any significant improvement in my game despite trying multiple different teaching pros over the years.  I realized that I needed to do the drastic, uncomfortable step of starting over, which, as all golfers know, would take considerable time, patience, embarrassment, and sacrifice.  However, I finally came to grips with the reality that  this would be my last chance to ever achieve the golfing credibility that I always wanted, which obviously would vastly improve my enjoyment of the game.

I initially had reservations about taking lessons inside a building on a mat, but those concerns have been alleviated.  Rich's fantastic video set-up gave me instant feedback to see my errors without over-complicating the swing and analysis.  He used countless tools to help me understand my swing flaws and to develop a proper swing.  After an average of two lessons a month for over two years combined with countless hours of frustrating practice, I am finally seeing the light.  My swing is totally different than it was two years ago, resulting in much lower scores, more consistency, and, subsequently, more confidence and game enjoyment.  I have come to believe and accept his judgement.

I still have a ways to go to achieve my of being a low handicap golfer, but I am now confident that I will reach it with Rich's help and further dedication.  Students who are looking for a quick solution to their games while having major swing flaws should realize that such a fix is unrealistic.  If you want success in golf or anything, you need to put in the time and have a real mentor and coach.  Rich Greenwood is that man!

June 15, 2013
Dr. Gary Alter
Plastic Surgeon
Beverly Hills, California
Manhattan, New York

Rich Greenwood has been a godsend to my golf game, and how I feel about the sport.
I became addicted two years ago, and he’s not only been my patient swing
instructor, but also, my golf guru beyond just “the swing”. I can recommend
Richie to anyone who wants to improve his or her game--wholeheartedly, and
without reservation.  He’s even got a sense of humor, and as most golfers
know, you can’t face this game without one."

June 6, 2013
Burt Berman -Former President of Music
Paramount Pictures
Santa Monica, Ca

"First, I want to thank Rich for being a great teacher.  We have had so many swings flaws to correct.  He is great at breaking the swing down and putting it back together.  Rich doesn't just explain "what" to do but "why".  All the swing changes have created great results.  (Who doesn't like distance and accuracy.)  His sound fundamentals and ability to diagnose while utilizing the indoor technology allows the student to focus on the swing and not just where the ball is going.  You swing more freely while you are learning.  Rich has made it FUN to learn while he has held "my feet to the fire" and not let me get away with anything."

June 13, 2013
Margaret Miller
Westlake Village, Ca

"I have worked with Rich for about five years.  His guidance and method of teaching makes complete sense to me.  It is the first time that I have really understood the basics of a great golf swing.  I have taken lessons from others, but none has been as informative and on point as Rich.  I would recommend Rich to anyone that is serious about improving their golf swing and approach to the game."

July 5, 2013
Mark Bagaason -National Managing Partner for Audit Risk Management (Retired)

Grant Thornton LLP
Agoura Hills, California

"I have worked with Rich for about 9 years.  He has taken my game from the high 90's down into the 70's.  He not only has taught me how to swing but also how to play the game.  His teaching technique has allowed me to draw on my experience playing tennis.  I have such a better understanding in what I need to do in the golf swing to produce longer straighter shots.  Rich really knows how to diagnose a swing problem and explain it to me in simple terms.  He is not only a great instructor but also a great friend."

Oct 17, 2013
Scott Chase- Partner
Chase Centers
Brentwood, California

"Rich is the best golf coach I  have ever had he will change your game for sure. Need to hit the ball further then Rich is your man. Need to reinvent your swing there is no better coach than Rich. Don’t waste your money on a pro at your club go see Rich for a month he is the real deal.

What else can I say Rich is the man…."

December 15, 2014
Mike Christl- President
California Private Lenders
Calabasas, California