Training Aids I Recommend

During lessons I use a variety of training products to help communicate ideas or provide feedback during your swing, chip, pitch or putting stroke.  I have been using Training Aids for over 30 years. My go to source for all my training aids has been Golf Around the World aka  As a preferred customer of I am authorized to offer my students a 10% discount that you won't get going directly to their site. The discount is automatically applied when you check out.

You may also call them weekdays from 9am-5PM at: 800-FOR-GARY.  If you call, use code: 159178 to receive your discount.

Click on Image below to see all the training aids and receive a 10% discount



Improve length of stroke, alignment, and eyeline. Learn to see the actual break in the green with Hotwire.

1. Insert one rod into green a few inches behind the hole
2. Fully extend the line
3. Insert the other rod into the green on the opposite side of the cup


Where the ball rolls is influenced by the Path of the Putter and the Aim of the Putter at Impact. Jim McLean and his son Jon worked with us to develop the Slot Trainers – two pieces that help with Path and Face.
Lay down the Path Trainer and you will create your ideal path foryour putter. Set up the Ball Path piece - you will have gates for your putter to swing through and a gate to make sure you are starting your putt on the intended line. The track was made thin (1/16” PVC) so it barely affects the height or your stroke. The ball sits on the green, not plastic. Fits in your bag to get you ready for your best putting practice and warmup.


Find a straight putt and set the end of the Sword 12 inches from the cup (or wall if used indoors).Set a ball on the “3 foot” line (it is 12” from the end of the Sword).  Hit putts and roll them off the end of the Sword.  This is the equivalent of sinking a 3 foot putt.  When you can successfully roll 5 consecutive putts, move back to the “6 foot” line and repeat.  Repeat from the end of the Sword and you are a Master. Hit a single ball from each of the distances marked on the Sword.


This is Eyeline Golf's most requested item from players on the PGA Tour. Improving your putting is easy with the Putting Alignment Mirror because you can see exactly where the putter face is aligned and work on setup (ball and eye position), face alignment, stroke path (using tees in the slots on the mirror) distance control (using tees in the center holes) and center of percussion contact. The Putting Alignment Mirror is very portable so will store in your bag when not in use. We recommend working with this mirror a few minutes before every round.