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Uploaded by Rich Greenwood on 1/25/2014
Rich Greenwood, Director of Instruction at Tour Golf in Agoura Hills, California talks about the importance of Ball Position and the affects it can have on the swing. Rich posted a video on both YouTube and to show some of the problems that can occur with a poor ball position. He starts off by showing a couple of examples how having a back ball position can affect a players golf swing. The two examples he shows are the “Stand up and Flip at Impact” and the “Over the Top” motion to try and get the ball to start on line. Both he describes as a complete power loss with inconsistent direction. Rich then brings in examples from other sports such as tennis and baseball to compare the similarities in where contact is made at impact. He feels in all sports that require an instrument to strike the ball the point of contact is out in front of the player to have maximized power with consistent direction. Rich goes into his archives to show a slide on how Ben Hogan used
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