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Uploaded by Rich Greenwood on 10/15/2013
http://RichGreenwoodGolf.com Director of Instruction at Tour Golf in Agoura Hills California talks to you about the proper hand action and the cause and effect it can have on your golf swing. There are many reasons why someone may flip the club through impact or have poor hand action. First off ball position could be too far back in their stance or club face can be too open going back and through or simply bringing the club too much from the inside into impact and having to flip the club head over. As I'm going to demonstrate here what the flip looks like. My body as I'm coming into the hitting area has to slow down so club face can have time to square up and end up flipping the club through and losing the rhythm between my left arm the lead arm and the shaft. This requires too much timing into impact. In order to have the proper hand action or forward shaft lean the hands need to lead the club head into impact. As I demonstrate the proper hand action should look like. By keepi
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